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January 2013 - Three Ways Our
Die Cutting/CAD Design Solutions Help You Sell More

Watch our Bobst automatic die cutter in action.

Your die cutting partner should offer more than just excellent quality and fast turnarounds. At Apex Die, we aim to enhance your outsourcing experience by helping you save money and win more business. Here are three ways we can do this.

Optimize Layouts
During your die cutting project's early stages, Apex can work with you to determine a layout that maximizes sheet yields without sacrificing quality. Such a layout can reduce your project's costs and therefore improve your chances of being awarded the job.

The next time you're bidding on a job that involves die cutting, turn to Apex Die for intelligent, expertise-driven layout guidance. We'll optimize your layout to give you the best chance of winning the work.

Provide Custom Samples
We're committed to helping you sell more by providing custom-made samples for specific jobs. It's usually easier for you to close the sale when you can provide product samples that your clients can see, touch, and handle.

Some examples of custom-designed packages we've created.

With extensive in-house die making and CAD capabilities, Apex Die can quickly and accurately produce custom samples at a relatively low cost.

Create Eye-Catching Package Designs
Distinctive packaging helps drive sales for your customers. Apex Die's CAD design team can help you design a package that gets attention.

As retail package design experts, we can work with you to construct a package whose shape, design, and general appearance is optimized to generate buying interest. Consider accentuating your package with die cutting, foil stamping, UV coating, or other finishing options to make it really stand out.

The Apex Die Advantage
Let Apex Die help you win more die cutting business. We can create a wide variety of die cutting applications, from consumer product packaging to direct mail pieces. Our in-house CAD department can help you optimize product designs and provide fast, accurate samples. We also manufacture steel rule dies in-house, shaving days off production schedules. Turn our capabilities into your competitive advantages for time-sensitive, budget-conscious and quality-critical projects. Call us today at 650-592-6350 to get started on your next die cutting project.