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November 2012 - Tips to Ensure a Smooth
Outsourcing Experience with Apex Die

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At Apex Die, we strive to transcend the status of "outside vendor" and become an integral, natural extension of your business. When printer and finisher plan and communicate effectively, a seamless outsourcing experience almost always results. Here are some communication and planning tips to keep in mind next time you send a job to Apex Die.

Scheduling (and Pre-scheduling) is Everything
Effective scheduling involves taking the "long view" of your project. Work backwards from your project deadline to determine by what date your job materials must arrive at Apex. Then, communicate these dates to us as far ahead of time as possible. This pre-scheduling helps us plan our workflow so we can ensure your deadlines are always met.

Start with the Essentials
When requesting an estimate, be sure to include all essential job information, including:

Once the job is live, these specifications and all other relevant project details should be supplied on a purchase order, preferably along with a pre-production sample.

Die File Submission Tips
Properly-formatted die files lead to more efficient pre-production in our finishing department. Make sure your die files are right-reading or set to "Print View." This is because dies are made as a mirror image of what you see on screen. In addition to your die file, please send a separate PDF file with graphics.

Some tips for formatting die lines:

Communicate Packing and Shipping Details
Shipping and packing details should be finalized before production begins, giving us ample time to meet your needs. Please provide all shipping breakout quantities and destination addresses for the production run and to fulfill any sample requests. Let us know whether you will be supplying the shipping and packing materials. Packing instructions should include the packing method (such as skids, gaylords or boxes), the quantity per box if specified, any special labeling requirements, and the number of sample products to be held out for separate shipment.

The Apex Die Advantage
At Apex Die, we help you manage your project's details to make the production process as worry-free as possible. Our responsive customer service and planning team helps ensure your project goes off without a hitch…every time. Call Apex Die today at 650-592-6350 to begin planning your next successful project.