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May 2012 - A Sample is Worth a Thousand Words

Apex Die: Custom Sample

Why have 3D movies remained popular, despite higher ticket prices? The best of the bunch – like Avatar – take full advantage of the medium, engaging their audience with the film's world in a way that a 2D movie couldn't.

Packaging works in a similar way. Generally, it's easier to sell a project idea to your client when you can provide product samples they can see, feel, and handle.

Custom samples help you win more business. That's why Apex Die is committed to being your sample-making partner. Read on to discover more benefits of custom samples.

Custom Samples Can…

Custom Samples are Affordable
At Apex Die, we can quickly and accurately produce custom samples at a relatively low cost. We recently upgraded our die making and CAD capabilities to improve the quality and versatility of the sample-making services we offer you.

If custom-made samples are cost prohibitive for your project, let us know how you and your client plan to use them. We may be able to provide "stock-on-hand" samples that deliver what you need.

Get Started
Requesting a custom-made sample is easy. Just provide Apex Die with your package's die line files (or a drawing), its physical dimensions, and the stock you'd like to use. We'll do the rest. We can deliver samples of most standard package designs within 48 hours.

The Apex Die Advantage
At Apex Die, our flexible custom sample-making capabilities can help you win more business. With versatile, newly-upgraded CAD capabilities, we can efficiently create a custom sample to your exact specifications. Custom packaging or display samples can be produced using a variety of substrates including foam board, corrugated cardboard, and plastic. We can also incorporate finishing techniques such as foil stamping, embossing, film lamination and UV coating. Call us today to request a custom-made sample for your next project.