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Tag Stringing: A Retail Marketer's
Best Friend

Apex Die: Tag Strining

Retail marketers have many ways to generate consumer interest in their products at the point of purchase. Shelf talkers, in store signage, free standing POP displays and product packaging are a few options. Another is tag stringing, our newest capability at Apex Die.

With tag stringing, string is threaded through a hole punched into a carrier piece to create hang tags for bottles, clothing and almost any other consumer product. Tag stringing is a great way to attract attention to your product at the moment consumers are ready to buy.

Here are a few application and design tips that can help make your next tag-stringed product a success.

Products that can be improved by tag stringing include:

Design Options
Tag stringing allows your creativity to shine. Here are some design options you might consider:

The Apex Die Advantage
At Apex Die, our tag stringing capabilities can help your products stand out in a crowded retail environment. We also offer die cutting, foil stamping, embossing, UV coating, film laminating, sheet mounting and many other finishing capabilities. Call us today to begin planning your tag stringing project!