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Custom Samples Help You Win More Business

Apex Die: Custom Sample

At Apex Die, we're always thinking about how we can help our customers sell more. That's why we're committed to functioning as a selling resource for you by providing custom-made samples for specific jobs. It's usually easier for printing and packaging companies to close the sale when they can provide product samples that their clients can see, touch, and handle.

Speed counts for a lot when your client needs to get a project into production. Here are some tips you can use to help the custom sample production process go more smoothly and efficiently.

When to Request a Custom Sample
You may find a custom-made sample valuable in the following scenarios:

Factoring Costs into Custom Samples
We work hard to produce custom samples accurately and quickly and at minimal cost to you. For example, samples we're able to produce on our CAD equipment (such as POP displays and some folded cartons) are often performed free of charge. However, labor- and materials-intensive samples, such as combination foil stamping/embossing, are more costly to produce.

If custom-fabricated samples for your project are cost prohibitive, let us know how you and your client plan to use them. We may be able to provide "stock-on-hand" samples that meet the needs of you and your client.

The Apex Die Advantage
At Apex Die, our flexible custom sample-making capabilities can help you win more business. Our die makers will create a custom sample to your exact specifications using our robust Genline CAD program. Custom packaging or display samples can be produced using a variety of substrates including foam board, corrugated cardboard, plastic and more. We can also add finishing design elements such as foil stamping, embossing, film lamination and UV coating. Call us today to request a custom-made sample for your next project.