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POP Displays Help Brands Stand Out

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POP displays are time-proven ways to capture and hold consumer attention in a retail environment. A distinctive case card, counter card, shelf talker or other display application can help pull consumers toward your products and brand and, consequently, a purchase.

Your imagination and a trusted finishing partner are all it takes to create POP displays that will get your brand noticed. Read on to learn more about how Apex Die can help you produce POP displays that stand out.

Decoration Options
At Apex Die, we can enhance POP displays with a variety of customized flourishes. Here are a few to consider:

UV Coating - Want to add more pop to your POP? (pardon the finishing pun!) UV Coating helps your POP display's brand elements practically leap off the substrate. Combination UV coating, a technique in which high-gloss UV ink is applied adjacent to a matte UV-coated area to create visual contrast, is increasingly popular for brand-centric POP displays as well.

Die Cutting - Creative die cutting can help bring your brand to life. Memorable designs, eye-catching shapes, fully three-dimensional displays contribute to a distinctive brand and are all possible when we apply die cutting to your POP display.

Popular Substrate Choices
Here are some popular substrates from which Apex Die can manufacture POP displays:

PS – Apex Die can also produce coated and uncoated duplex stock for your POP project as needed.

The Apex Die Advantage
Apex Die is your headquarters for custom-made POP displays that grab attention for your brand. With our CAD design services and full complement of finishing capabilities, Apex Die can help you create a range of display applications, including hanging and stand-alone designs, shelf talkers, counter cards and more. Call us today to get started on your next project.