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Specialty Finishing Applications for Direct Mail Projects

Apex Die: Direct Mail Applications

At Apex Die, we're always thinking about new and better ways to communicate with our valued customers, prospective business partners and industry friends. By migrating our "Helpful Hints" content to a blog format, we hope to engage with our readers in a way that wasn't possible with broadcast email. The lesson? If you're in the communications business (and who isn't?), a simple change in how you convey information can help your message stay "fresh" to your intended audience.

Direct marketers, for instance, compete in a crowded field and must use every weapon in their marketing arsenal to create direct mail pieces that stand out from the clutter. By collaborating with knowledgeable finishing partners, direct marketers can create visually distinctive mail applications that will inspire recipient interest. Read on for Apex Die's discussion of specialty finishing applications that will help ensure your next direct mail piece doesn't go unread.

Planning for Specialty Direct Mail Applications
Specialty finishing techniques enhance the physical aspects of direct mail projects; they also require conscientious planning to properly integrate into the piece. When planning a mail piece with specialty finishing, start with a physical representation of the intended product and back into design necessities. The next step is to determine a physical form that is capable of meeting your specific promotional needs yet can be efficiently and automatically produced. The more complex your project, the more you should work backwards from the conceived finished product toward the press and data work.

Recipients take no more than three seconds to decide if they want to open a piece of mail. Make them count! The following finishing processes are available from Apex Die to help you create a customized direct mail piece that stands out.