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Specialty UV Coating Applications

Part of a retail product's value is defined by how effectively its packaging engages consumers. Savvy retail marketers are always on the hunt for designs, materials and techniques that make their packaging as distinctive as possible. Of course, budget is always a factor, which is why specialty print finishing applications such as ultraviolet (UV) coating offer bang-for-your-buck that's tough to beat.

UV coatings are popular among designers and end users for their scratch-resistant coating and ability to make images "pop" from the printed surface. And with high-precision, fully-automated equipment such as Apex Die's new Sakurai screen press, taking advantage of UV coating is fast and cost-effective.

Let's take a closer look at several specialty UV formulas that can make your products look and feel unique:

Textured — Gloss and matte coatings can be applied to a range of consumer applications to create a visceral "scrub"-like texture.

Thermo-Chromic - Thermo-chromic inks affect a dynamic color change in the products to which they're applied. Available formulas can be activated by cold, heat or touch, offering enormous creative possibilities.

Satin — This UV coating formula offers low light reflectance, giving pieces a "flat" appearance. Satin UV finishes are often used in combination with high-gloss UV formulas to create an eye-catching contrast.

UV Coating Planning Tip
Proper ink selection and project handling are crucial to UV coating success. If you're using conventional inks, make sure they're free of waxes, anti-oxidants and mineral oils. If not, the UV coating will have an "orange peel" appearance and reduced scuff-resistance. In addition, conventional inks that have not sufficiently dried may result in gloss-back, a decrease in the surface gloss, when UV coating is performed. When in doubt, ask Apex Die to recommended inks that are specially formulated for use with UV coating.

Click here to access our UV Coating Guidelines for more UV planning tips.

The Apex Die Advantage
Apex Die is your single resource for high-quality, high-precision UV coating. Our multiple UV coating presses - highlighted by our new, state-of-the-art Sakurai press - ensure fast turnarounds and stunning results on jobs of every quantity and complexity. And with a full range of complementary services such high-speed folding/gluing, die cutting, foil stamping, embossing and more, we can help you save even more time and money by consolidating all finishing work.