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How Brass Embossing Dies Help Improve Brand Communication

Apex Die: Foil Embossing

Embossing and debossing processes allow marketers to use texture and dimension to extend the reach and power of brand communication efforts. As die materials go, brass does the best job communicating as much intricate detail as possible. Brass dies are durable and can withstand extended (quantities of 100,000 or more) run lengths. Brass is also the only material that can be used for combination foil embossing dies, which allow both foil stamping and embossing to be performed in one pass.

While brass die manufacturing has traditionally been time- and labor-intensive, modern CNC milling processes have greatly reduced costs and turnaround times. That means brass dies are more feasible for a broader range of projects. Here are a few tips to help you take full advantage of brass dies for foil stamping, embossing and combination applications:

Planning and Production Tips

When in doubt, ask your finishing partner to help you figure out the best possible layout option for your brass finishing project.

Paper Considerations for Brass Die Applications
The weight and texture of your paper stock plays an important role in the appearance of embossing, debossing and combination jobs.

The Apex Die Advantage
Apex Die is your headquarters for all foil stamping and embossing applications. Our expert staff will guide you through every step of the planning and production process while keeping your budget, scheduling needs, marketing goals and appearance objectives in mind. Give us a call today to see how Apex Die can help you exceed the expectations of your customers and end users.