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Create Successful Table Tents: Part One

Apex Die: Table Tents

Table tents have been generating consumer interest at the point-of-sale for decades. These highly effective displays can be found everywhere from restaurant tables and supermarket aisles to car rental agencies and retail store checkout counters.

Aside from their effectiveness, table tents remain popular for their simple construction and versatility. But simple doesn't have to mean boring. Die cutting, foil stamping, embossing and UV coating can be used to create unique designs that grab the attention of your target audiences.

Table Tent Formats
The standard table tent format includes two visible panels on either side of a central fold, as well as two end panels that connect to form the tent base. The base panels can be attached via interlocking tabs or glue flaps. Tabs are recommended for most applications, as they allow table tents to ship completely flat until they're ready for assembly.

Table tent formats aren't limited to the familiar "wedge" shape. The sample pictured at right shows a tent designed to stand on end, allowing the glued end panels to serve as a third visible face. Additional formats, including "cube" designs with four or five visible panels, help you maximize brand exposure or meet specific end use requirements.

Next Week: Table Tent Decoration, Planning and Design Tips
Check back next week for Part Two, where we'll cover decoration choices and offer some helpful table tent planning tips.

Apex Die: Table Tents

Create Successful Table Tents: Part Two

In Part One, we covered some basics of table tent design and construction. Part Two will discuss decoration options and helpful project planning tips.

Decoration Choices
To successfully attract and hold consumer attention, your table tent design must stand out. Several finishing techniques can help you create a look that meets your needs.

Die cutting can be used to create distinctive shapes that match your brand, such as the silhouette of a bottle. If attention is what you really need, use die cutting to form arrows or starbursts on your table tents.

If your brand or message calls for a subtle appearance, consider foil stamping and embossing. Used individually or in combination, these decoration techniques add elegance to table tent applications such as invitations, place cards and luxury goods promotional pieces.

Planning Tips and Tricks