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Hidden Gems: Eyelets and Grommets

Apex Die: Eyelets and Grommets

There's more than meets the "eye" when it comes to eyelets and grommets. These small, hollow pieces of brass are typically used to reinforce the holes on hanging displays. But they can add value to a variety of marketing and promotional applications.

Eyelets vs. Grommets: What's the Difference?
Although these terms are often used interchangeably, eyelets and grommets differ in form. An eyelet is a single, T-shaped piece of hollow brass that's driven through one or more sheets of a substrate material and compressed to secure its placement. A grommet is comprised of two brass rings aligned on opposite sides of a substrate, which are then compressed to fasten them together. Eyelets and grommets can be applied to a variety of materials, including cloth, leather and plastic.

Colors and Sizes
Brass is the only standard color for eyelets and grommets, although additional colors can be specially-ordered (at additional cost and lead time). Grommets are available in diameters up to 1" or more. Eyelets are also available in several diameters and shaft lengths. At Apex Die our standard eyelet diameter is 5/32", which is compatible with our automatic eyeletting equipment.

Popular Applications
Eyelets and grommets can be used for more than hole reinforcement. They can be used to form a distinctive closure on a promotional kit when combined with string and a button. They can be used as a binding solution for thin books that include non-paper cover or text pages. An eyelet driven through multiple printed sheets of material serves as the hub of spinning wheel products such as a pinwheel chart.

Planning Tips

The Apex Die Advantage
Eyelet and grommet application is a core capability at Apex Die. Our four automated eyletting machines can zip through high-volume jobs without compromising quality or accuracy. And with die cutting, folding/gluing, mounting and other related services, Apex Die can handle your full production needs. Call us today to get started on your next project.