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Bottom Line on Bottom Closures

Apex Die: Bottom Closure Box

There are six sides to conventionally designed product packaging. While marketers focus on the five panels seen by most consumers, packaging designers like Apex Die also pay close attention to the "sixth side": the bottoms of your boxes.

To select a bottom closure style, consider the function, budget and usage requirements of your packaging application. Some styles prioritize strength to support heavy products; others are designed for ease of use. Check out a few popular bottom closures we can help design for you:

Auto-Lock - Using a combination of carefully-designed glue tabs and flaps, an auto-lock design automatically forms the box bottom as soon as the box is opened. Auto-lock bottoms are easy to use and create a strong base.

Sealed End - This style uses a solid flap glued the length of the packaging to seal the bottom. Sealed end bottoms are popular for food packaging, and can be performed inline during product packing for some applications.

Tucked Flap - Also called a "tuck end" closure, tucked flap styles use a large final flap folded over two smaller dust flaps to create a secure closure. Tucked flaps are highly versatile. They work equally well as a top or bottom closure, and the final flap can be positioned to open at the front or rear face of the box - great for software packaging and retail applications. Tuck-style boxes are inexpensive to produce, easy to use, can be shipped and stored flat and handle weight very well.

Snap Lock - Similar to a tucked style box, a snap-lock bottom incorporates interlocking tabs to form a strong bottom seal. Snap lock styles are popular for point-of-purchase applications such as counter displays.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Bottom Closures

The Apex Die Advantage
Let Apex Die help you create a package that's successful from all sides - even on bottom. Starting with your requirements, we can take you from design through production, giving you peace-of-mind that your packaging will meet your customers' every need. Give us a call today to get started on your next packaging initiative.