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Properly Communicate Your Brand with Attractive and Functional Presentation Folders

Apex Die: Presentation Folders

A brand's identity should extend beyond logos, colors and slogans to create a memorable impression on customers and prospects. For marketing collateral such as presentation folders, distinctive materials and finishing techniques can reinforce positive brand associations among your target audiences.

Presentation folders - also called portfolios and pocket folders - can be a highly creative format. Combine foldouts, capacity pockets, slits, tabs, glue dots and other functional elements to create a portfolio that's perfectly matched for its intended use. To help you supplement function with style, consider these finishing ideas:

Create Lasting Impressions with Embossing and Debossing
Add texture and depth to the cover of your presentation folders with custom embossing or debossing. Registered embossing can be used to add depth to a logo, title or image. If you prefer a minimalist design, blind embossing creates a subtle elegance as a stand-alone design element. Single- and multi-level embossing dies allow for intricate shapes to be applied to a variety of paper stocks.

Get Creative with Foil Stamping
Hundreds of foil varieties are available in several families - including metallics, pearlescents, pigmented/tinted, holographics, specialty finishes and many more - to complement any design or brand identity. Combining foil stamping with embossing allows you to create a truly unique appearance for your folders.

UV Coating Offers Protection and Shine
UV coating offers an unbeatable combination of surface protection and high-gloss finish. It can be applied as either a flood or spot coating that makes images really pop from the printed surface. UV coating is also available in satin finishes for applications that call for a low-gloss appearance.

If surface protection is absolutely vital for your presentation folders, film laminating offers unbeatable resistance to scratches, scuffs and markings. Film laminating is also highly versatile - polypropylene, nylon and polyester laminating films are available in several surface finishes, as well as pressure-sensitive and glueable/stampable formulas for specialty applications.

Die Cutting: Windows, Pockets and More
This is where the magic happens! Do you want to incorporate a window on the cover in the shape of your logo? Customize a pocket to hold specific materials? Or have the open edges of your folder mimic the roof of a house? Die cutting lets you turn ideas like these into reality.

It can also improve functionality. For example, die-cut capacity pockets are often more useful than simple expansion pockets for holding a variable amount of material. They're also faster and more cost-effective to create, which may be an advantage for projects with time and budget limitations.

The Apex Die Advantage
Apex Die is your presentation folder headquarters, combining expert embossing/debossing, foil stamping, UV coating, die cutting and folding/gluing production. Our in-house CAD design and die making services help you expand your design possibilities without compromising your schedule, your budget or your quality demands. Give us a call today to see how Apex Die can help you exceed the expectations of your customers and end users.