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Product Spotlight: Digital Media Packaging

Apex Die: Digital Media Packaging

Digital music and video formats were supposed to be the death knell of CDs and DVDs. While sales volume for disc formats has tapered off in recent years, many consumers still prefer the convenience of a physical CD, DVD, Blu-Ray or video game disc - a trend not likely to change very quickly.

What have changed are the packaging solutions used to ship, store and sell digital media discs. Flat sleeves have replaced bulkier, dimensional packages for many applications. Eco-friendly materials have become more popular; in many cases, media providers are choosing paper-based packaging over rigid plastics.

As media packaging specialists, Apex Die can help you and your customers craft packaging solutions that successfully balance design, usage requirements and budget. Here are a few planning tips to keep in mind:

In-House CAD Design Services at Apex Die
Need a custom-designed media holder on a tight schedule? Our in-house CAD design services have you covered. Our experienced design team is well-versed in helping customers create custom packages that skillfully blend beauty and function to meet your exact needs.

The Apex Die Advantage
In addition to our CAD design services, Apex Die has a full complement of production solutions geared for media holders and other packaging applications. Our high-speed folding/gluing, die cutting, foil stamping, embossing, UV coating and related services ensure seamless, high-quality production on even high-volume projects.