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Folding/gluing applications are among the most diverse finishing projects. The range of possible substrates, finishes, sizes, quantities and design complexities is one reason why there are so many different types of folder/gluer equipment available.

At Apex Die, folding/gluing is our specialty. We offer five distinct production options encompassing eight different pieces of equipment. This range of capabilities allows us to match your specific project with the most economical production solution. Each solution and piece of equipment includes continous feed and delivery capabilities to maximize throughput.

  1. Solution One - Straight Folding - Our two Stahl straight folders are flexible and offer high production speeds for long production runs, but do not have onboard gluing capabilities.
  2. Solution Two - Standard Folder/Gluer - This combination folding/gluing equipment is geared for straightforward projects such as one- or two-pocket presentation folders.
  3. Solution Three - Three-Pocket Capabilities - Our Marathon-Moll equipment features three pockets and right-angle folding capabilities. It's a highly versatile and economical solution for many product packaging and media holder applications.
  4. Solution Four - Capacity Box Attachment - Apex Die can form capacity pockets inline on presentation folders and similar products, creating a highly economical production workflow.
  5. Solution Five - Automatic Folder/Gluers - The stars of our folding/gluing department, our two automatic, straight-line folder/gluers have the speed for quick turnarounds on medium- to large-quantity projects. Applications can range from lock-bottom boxes to six-corner packaging pieces - and many others!

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The Apex Die Advantage
For packaging applications, complete folding/gluing solutions is only the tip of the iceberg at Apex Die. Our die cutting, foil stamping, embossing, UV coating and related services make us your single, trusted resource for high-quality, economical finishing capabilities.