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Consumer Product Packaging

Apex Die: Consumer Product Packaging

Despite the economic freefall, product packaging activity has been brisk in many sectors. In particular, food, health and beauty products are moving from store shelves to consumers' hands. Hey, we still have to eat and we still want to look good!

However, budget tightening is universal, and packaging is no exception. As designers and printers look for ways to grab eye appeal while reducing costs, keep these budget-conscious ideas in mind:

Involve Us Early
Whenever possible, involve your finishing partner as early as possible in the packaging planning stages. With time to review project specifics before production is scheduled to begin, Apex has a better chance of identifying process, material or design changes that could save significant time and money. Advance planning also helps avoid rush delivery or manufacturing costs. This is particularly important for applications that require special-order stamping foils or laminating films.

Satin UV Coating: A Distinct Decoration Choice
Product packaging must stand out on store shelves to get noticed – a must in this economy. Packaging differentiation is also important for applications that don't necessarily compete for retail space, such as high-end health and beauty or Web-only products. In these cases, the package must meet consumers' often-lofty brand expectations.

Satin UV coating offers a matte or satin finish distinct from the high-gloss surface of standard UV coating. Satin UV offers the same durability and scuff resistance of standard UV, and both can be superior to aqueous or varnishes. Satin UV can be performed as either a flood or spot coating, alone or in conjunction with other UV coatings to make product packaging really stand out.

UV coating applications require a few special planning considerations, so contact Apex Die to review your project details before production begins.

"Green" Packaging
The use of eco-friendly materials for packaging is a popular way for many brands to communicate their commitment to environmental stewardship. At Apex Die, we work with many "green" packaging materials, including recycled and recyclable board, UV coatings and more. Some of these materials may require special handling during printing or finishing. Apex Die can help you identify these areas and plan accordingly.

The Apex Die Advantage
Apex Die is a leading print finisher in Northern California and serves all print markets on the West Coast. Our second generation family-owned business has been a leader in the market for more than 50 years, specializing in die cutting, foil stamping, embossing, UV coating, film laminating, sheet mounting, folding and gluing and much more.