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Create Custom Design Packages that Work for You

Apex Die: Green Tips

Imagination is a double-edged sword. Without it, you get the same old thing. With too much, you might have problems turning your vision into physical reality. At Apex Die, we can help, no matter which side of your brain is dominant.

The Apex Die CAD design team is available to help you design and create beautiful but practical packaging and display solutions specifically tailored to your needs. Start the creative discussion with us early. Send a product or reasonable comp to us and we'll help you choose the most appropriate design direction. Before giving you any recommendations, our in-house CAD designers will take into account your product dimensions, shipping concerns and overall presentation goals.

A custom designed package should fit like a well-tailored glove. With the Apex Die design team at your side, our goal is nothing short of creating a custom design that elevates your presentation from the functional to the fabulous.

Three simple steps to get started:

  1. Send your files. We accept files in a number of formats on both Mac and PC platforms. These file formats are easiest for us:
    • Illustrator 9.0
    • Impact
    • DXF
    • EPS
    • DWG
    • IGES
    • DDES2
    If your file is not one of these types please contact us; we'll work with you to find a file type we can use.
  2. Create a sample. We are well equipped to create one-off packaging samples. Our die makers will create a custom packaging design to your exact specifications using our robust Genline CAD program. Custom packaging or display samples can be produced using a variety of substrates including foam board, corrugated cardboard, plastic and more. We can also add finishing design elements such as foil stamping, embossing, film lamination and UV coating.
  3. Order your custom package. Every month, your friends at Apex Die produce a wide variety of packaging materials including CD and other media holders, presentation folders, product boxes and packages, collateral materials, point-of-purchase displays and just about anything else you can imagine.

Contact us today and discover the joy of working with our CAD design experts. From there, the sky is the limit on your custom package design.

The Apex Die Advantage
Apex Die is a leading print finisher in Northern California and serves all print markets on the West Coast. Our second generation family-owned business has been a leader in the market for more than 50 years, specializing in die cutting, foil stamping, embossing, UV coating, film laminating, sheet mounting and much more.