Company History

Apex Die is the leading print finisher in Northern California.

Apex Die: Company History

Apex Die Corp. was originated October 10, 1956 as Apex Die & Paper Box Company, and was operated in Burlingame, CA as a one man company until it was purchased on May 1st, 1964 by Thomas J. Cullen.

The business grew quickly and one year later Raymond L. Snider purchased a minority interest in the company. In 1969 the company moved to larger quarters at 840 Cherry Lane in San Carlos, and in 1970 the corporate name was changed to Apex Die Corporation, eliminating reference to the manufacture of paper boxes, which was no longer a significant portion of the company's business.

In 1975 the company entered into a partnership and formed Short Run Label Company. Two years later Apex Die sold its interest in Short Run Label and used the proceeds to form VIP Stationery Co. VIP operated as a separate division of Apex Die until 1982 when it was sold to a company that moved the business to their Los Angeles location.

On March 17, 1992 Apex Die purchased M-BOSS, Inc. of Sunnyvale, CA and merged the two companies, dissolving the M-BOSS name. Apex Die operated as a two division company until September of 2001, when the impact of 911 and the Dot Com implosion necessitated the consolidation of the Sunnyvale plant into the San Carlos location.

Apex Die has returned to its roots, and is once again engaged in the conversion of folding paper boxes, as well as the traditional processes of Die Cutting, Embossing, Foil Stamping, Folding & Gluing, UV Coating and other associated services required by the graphic arts industry.

Thomas J. Cullen retired in 2005. Kevin Cullen was the President of the company until June of 2019. Theodore Cullen is now President of the company and Eva Cummings is Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. The company operates its business in 1 industrial building containing 24,000 square feet.

APEX: a-pex (a'peks') n. pl. apexes or apices (a'pa-sez', ap'a). 1. The highest point of something; vertex. 2. The culmination. 3. The pointed end of something; tip. See Synonyms at summit. (Latin Apex, point, summit, top.)